Xingliang Du

May starlight stay with you through long night until dawn.

Self Introduction

I am a master student at Nanjing University, pursuing M.Sc. degree in Computer Science and Technology.


Master Student in Computer Science and Technology

2021.09 - Present
Pursuing Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Technology.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Technology

Received my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Technology in June 2021.


AexPy: Detecting API Breaking Changes in Python Packages

Xingliang Du, Jun Ma* · Nanjing, China
ISSRE 2022



Nanjing, China
  • Nanjing University Outstanding Graduate Student, 2022


Nanjing, China
2018 - 2021
  • Nanjing University Academic Scholarship, first class, 2021-2022
  • Nanjing University 江苏租赁奖学金, 2022
  • National Elite Program Scholarship, second class and third class, 2018-2020

Programming Contest

2016 - 2019
  • Silver (as a team), 2019 ACM-ICPC Asia Reginal Contest Shenyang Site, 2019.11
  • Silver (ranked 32nd as a team), the 5th China Collegiate Programming Contest (CCPC 2019) Harbin Site, 2019.10
  • Outstanding prize (as a team), JiangSu Provincial Collegiate Programming Contest, 2019.06
  • Gold (senior group, individual), Nanjing University Collegiate Programming Contest, 2019.04
  • Bronze (as a team), 2018 ACM-ICPC Asia Reginal Contest Xuzhou Site, 2018.10
  • Silver (as a team), the 4th China Collegiate Programming Contest (CCPC 2018) Harbin Site, 2018.09
  • Bronze (individual), the 33rd National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI 2016), 2016.07

Other Competitions

Nanjing, China
2019 - 2022


ICPC/CCPC Online Competition Volunteer

Volunteer at Nanjing University for ICPC and CCPC online competition.

Teaching Assistant

  • Data Structures and Algorithms @ School of Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2020.
  • Algorithm Design & Analysis @ Department of Computer Science and Technology, Fall 2019.

Botzone Game Bot Competition

Botzone · Nanjing, China
2018.06 - 2019.06
  • Design game AI bot for Reversi, Gomoku, Ataxx, and so on.
  • Top 50 in the rank list of the Botzone platform.



  • The prototype system of the ISSRE'22 conference paper.

  • CCF ChinaSoft 2022 软件研究成果原型系统竞赛参赛作品,获二等奖

    • Python 包应用程序编程接口破坏性变更检测系统 pdf demo slides
  • Support processing package structures, extracting and viewing APIs, and detecting API changes.


From the course “Software Architecture” in Nanjing University.

Raft Implementation

From the course “Distributed Systems” in Nanjing University.


Based on keyframe extracting, voice recognition and style transfer techniques.

C-- Compiler

From the course “Principles and Techniques of Compiler” in Nanjing University.


  • Hierarchical design and implementation (element, drawing, context), separating definition and presentation to provide low coupling and high extensibility.
  • Support basic drawing of curves, ellipses, polygons, etc., as well as translation, rotation, stretching, cropping, etc.


For the 8th “China Software Cup” Competition, in charge of system design, front-end, and interface implementation, collaborated with @courao, Fengyuan Shi and Mingzhuo Teng.

Project-N Implementation

(C) x86 Full System Emulator and Mini Multi-core Operating System Kernel
2018.09 - 2019.06
  • x86 Full System Emulator: an emulator for x86 architecture, from the course “Introduction to Computer Systems” in Nanjing University.
  • Mini Multi-core Operating System Kernel: a multi-core kernal that supports memory management, task (thread), virtual and real file system, and a shell in kernal, from the course “Operating Systems” in Nanjing University.

MIPS Instruction Tools

  • Parse assembly code and generate binary code.
  • Support most MIPS-32 instructions and pseudo-instructions.


  • Implement a variety of expression parsing and computation: mathematical, logical, simple programs, etc., and provide an extended programming interface.
  • iExpr, GUI software that supports drawing mathematical, logical expressions and function images, is released to the Microsoft App Store.